Tuesday, May 3, 2011


27 Quick Reasons Why I Love My Birthday Boy
1.       Jeff is super attractive.
2.       Jeff has a strong testimony of the gospel.
3.       Jeff doesn’t get angry.
4.       Jeff is extremely smart.
5.       Jeff is very athletic, and a basket-baller.
6.       Jeff is really good at cooking meat.
7.       Jeff is creative.
8.       Jeff is a handyman.
9.       Jeff is an excellent lover. Hehe.
10.   Jeff loves his mother.
11.   Jeff has great style. The man wears Ray Bans, and tailored dress shirts!
12.   Jeff is patient.
13.   Jeff is really good at flips and tricks into the pool, and on the trampoline, wakeboard, etc.
14.   Jeff is a peaceful sleeper.
15.   Jeff loves food.
16.   Jeff gives good massages.
17.   Jeff is a good example to the youth of our ward.
18.   Jeff goes running with me.
19.   Jeff is an entrepreneur, and such a hard worker.
20.   Jeff loves his nieces and nephews.
21.   Jeff wakes up with random songs stuck in his head (like “Milkshake”).
22.   Jeff is super techie and can build websites and fix my phone.
23.   Jeff is a BYU fan.
24.   Jeff is a great friend, and he loves his friends dearly.
25.   Jeff is smart with his money, and is good at saving.
26.   Jeff doesn’t get embarrassed when I do silly things in public.
27.   Jeff is an amazing husband and best friend. I am so happy to be his wife.  
 Love you sweets! Happy Birthday!

And for your birthday, I found you a funny picture...


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!!! whoop whoop. go back into some parking spots in celebration.