Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Classic Tungsten

I should have put this up earlier, but have been to busy. Jenna and I created a website a few months ago so our family and friends (and their friends and so on) could have a connection. I worked at a jewelry store through college and managed the men's department and was able to get some pretty good deals. So, we made the website so everyone we knew could have a way to get a really good deal on a men's wedding band. If you know someone who needs a men's band or any kind of jewelry (We still have connections at the jewelry store), please check out the website or contact either of us and we can help you out.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Jenna went to a bridal shower tonight for one of her friends on the track team. I guess they played one of those games where they ask the bride all these questions about her fiance that she "should" know when in reality no one would ever know the answer. Two of the questions were as follows:

What was your fiance's first pet growing up?
What was your fiance's favorite Halloween costume?

Jenna knew exactly how I would respond to those questions. I dont like animals, and I dont like Halloween.

Oh, we were meant for each other. I'm so grateful that Jenna loves me even though I dont like Halloween.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Lowders

So Thanksgiving was great! Jenna flew into Oakland on Monday and I joined her Wednesday night. We pretty much partied the whole time. The Lowders know how to eat so I gained like 30 pounds and Jenna still looks like a super model. Figures. Please enjoy the photos courtesy of Jenna and her mom Sally.

This is our Turkey Bowl crew. Jenna and I pwn'd everyone. jk

A little Thanksgiving feast. Actually, there were 25 people there so there was nothing little about it. Jenna has a great family!

This was at a birthday party for Jenna's cousin. Dallin loves me.

The beautiful Jenna Lowder! and me.

The family pic!